Citaten Psychoanalytici

“De meeste mensen willen geen vrijheid, omdat vrijheid vraagt om verantwoordelijkheid. De meeste mensen zijn bang voor verantwoordelijkheid.” (Sigmund Freud)
“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” (Sigmund Freud)
“Wanneer een dwaling collectief wordt, dan verkrijgt het de kracht van een waarheid.” (Anna Freud)
“What I have always wanted for myself is much more primitive. It is probably nothing more than the affection of the people with whom I am in contact, and their good opinion of me.” (Anna Freud)
“Play like dreams serves the function of self realization.” (Donald W. Winnicot)
“However, it can’t be helped; mothers, if they do their job properly, are the representatives of the hard, demanding world and it is they who gradually introduce reality which is so often the enemy of impulse. There is anger with mother and hatred is somewhere even when there is absolutely no doubt of love that is mixed with adoration.” (Donald W. Winnicot)
“The purest form of listening is to listen without memory or desire.” (Wilfred Bion)
“To dare to be aware of the facts of the universe in which we are existing calls for courage.” (Wilfred Bion)
“If a new result is to have any value, it must unite elements long since known, but till then scattered and seemingly foreign to each other, and suddenly introduce order where the appearance of disorder reigned.” (Wilfred Bion)
“All sorts of things in this world behave like mirrors.” (Jacques Lacan)
“I think where I am not, therefore I am where I do not think. I am not whenever I am the plaything of my thought; I think of what I am where I do not think to think.” (Jacques Lacan)
“But what Freud showed us… was that nothing can be grasped, destroyed, or burnt, except in a symbolic way, as one says, in effigie, in absentia.” (Jacques Lacan)